iMiners delivers innovative turnkey solutions including interactive shareholder tools and web-based communication platforms for investor relations.

iMiners' proprietary reference library is the world's largest database of categorized new releases and contains over half a million news releases issued by over 6,500 public companies. The library is growing at the rate of 750 releases daily. Each release is categorized and indexed into one of ten major categories and 69 subcategories.

iMiners is leveraging this unique database to provide new and innovative products including irForum, irCategory, irChart, and prCycle.

We will continue to launch products that will leverage our growing proprietary database of categorized releases.

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"Ask Management is a real
time saver. It has dramatically
reduced the number of phone
calls from retail investors
who ask the same questions
over and over. Now, one
person posts the question to
our Ask Management page and
many investors read the
question and management's
response. The answers are
getting widely disseminated
by being reposted by our
shareholders to other
message boards."

IR consultant
for pharmaceutical company

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