Your own company-controlled shareholder message board that integrates seamlessly into your existing IR website.

Imagine a shareholder message board where you control the content and you know the poster's identity, where the discussion is always on-topic and civil, and where there is no bashing or manipulation. iMiners has created the industry's first company-moderated Shareholder Board that integrates seamlessly into your existing IR website. It gives you and the investment community a platform and an opportunity to discuss the company with one another and with management. The Ask Management section, also a part of the irForum, is a web-based platform that lets your shareholders and potential investors ask their questions online without having to get you on the phone. You receive an automatic alert when a question is submitted. You then decide whether to forward it to someone else within your company, answer the question yourself, or reject the question. Every shareholder question is your opportunity to take control of your key messages and build a closer relationship with your investors. If you choose to answer a question, both the question and answer are published to your IR website for the benefit of all investors. Optionally, we can also automatically post all new Q&A to your Social Media accounts. Another convenient feature of the irForum is that you can use it to solicit shareholder questions in advance of an upcoming event such as an earnings call or shareholder meeting. irForum will enhance your understanding of what your investors are thinking. irForum is available now as a turnkey add-on to your existing IR website.


News releases on your website sorted by category, so investors can find relevant information quickly!

irCategory is a ready-to-install module that can be quickly integrated with your IR website or Press Room. We receive all your news releases directly from your wire service, and we categorize each news release into one of 10 major categories: Awards & Recognition, Conference Call & Meetings, Corporate, Customer & Partnerships, Financial, Industry Events, Legal, M&A, Management Changes, Products & Services. This makes it easier for prospective investors to find relevant information quickly!


A website plug-in that plots your news releases on your stock trading chart for improved insight into stock price moves.

This turnkey add-on to your IR website provides a unique stock chart that plots all your news releases via icons that represent each of the 10 major news categories. irChart gives your investors visual access to your news releases and provides deeper context and insight into your company's stock price changes.


Fast research and access to what your peers and other companies are saying in their news releases.

Now there's a faster and much easier way to monitor what your peers and competitors have said in their news releases. prCycle is the industry's first and only Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for PR and IR professionals to research news releases. prCycle is powered by iMiners'proprietary reference library of over half a million news releases issued by over 6,500 companies. And the library is growing at the rate of 750 releases daily. Each release is categorized and indexed into one of ten major categories and 69 subcategories. Subscribers can search for news releases by Category, Subcategory, Company, Portfolio, Industry, and further distill by Date and Keywords. With prCycle you can find relevant releases within seconds, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites or search engines.

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"iMiners makes it easy for
our shareholders and
potential investors to
find and correlate the
information they want
about our company.
They can do it
more quickly than before,
saving them time and helping
them make more
informed decisions."

Michael Hara,
Sr. VP of Investor Relations,
NVIDIA Corporation

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